Mentoring the newly qualified teacher
ByJacqueline Cuerden
Pages 15

This chapter addresses issues raised in all four sections of the Mentor Standards. However, its content – the induction of newly qualified teacher (NQT) – is beyond the intended scope of the Standards, which apply specifically to initial teacher training. A brilliant induction tutor will be keen to employ a range of coaching and mentoring techniques to help the new teacher develop professionally. Before that, a NQT, taking up her first school post, would be known affectionately as a probationer, undertaking her probationary year, the main aim of which (apart from survival) was to demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence. In the UK, this is known as the Career Entry and Development Profile (CEDP), and the new teacher should be asked to bring it along to the meeting. In recent years in the UK there have been various developments in terms of induction arrangements, induction standards and their relation to Teachers' Standards overall.