Dear Mentor …
ByTrevor Wright
Pages 14

The mentoring relationship is rarely a bland or indifferent one. This chapter addresses issues raised in all four sections (personal qualities, teaching, professionalism and self-development and partnership) of the Mentor Standards. The mentor should be approachable. The mentor should be making time for the trainee, and prioritise ­meetings and discussions with them. The mentor should offer support with integrity, honesty and respect. The mentor should support the trainee in developing effective approaches to ­planning, teaching and assessment. The mentor should support the trainee with marking and assessment of pupil work through moderation or double marking. The mentor should give constructive, clear and timely feedback on lesson observations. A mentor who knows one is not perfect and actually asks you for advice especially help to boost confidence! Another factor that softens the training experience is being treated as an equal and a colleague — having the ability to chat frankly about work without the fear of being judged.