chapter  3
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Cognitive processes


The term bibliometrics was coined by Alan Pritchard of the National Computing Centre in Manchester in 1969. Bibliometric methods offer tools for measuring, quantitatively analyzing, and exploring academic literature and its impact. This impact can relate both to a discipline and to specific publications, individual researchers or research groups. They vary from relatively simple counting approaches to studies based on the use of several types of statistical software. In addition to more classical approaches, such as citation analysis or publication counting, future investigations of institutional research could concentrate on some of the categories available in the bibliographical databases, like geographical spread of research, gender disparity, or genre as research object. The study focuses on spoken and signed language community interpreting in German-speaking countries using several of the methodological tools. The journal Perspectives has announced a special issue with the title Bibliometrics in Translation Studies for 2015, which will be exclusively devoted to contributions using bibliometric and scientometric methods.