chapter  8
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Translation and interpreting pedagogy


The term ethnography of communication was first used by Hymes in a seminal article in linguistics. Ethnography may focus on a human process, such as communication or the use of technology. Moreover, ethnographic research can be conducted at a macro or micro level. Macroethnography is holistic and may investigate a broad social issue, bringing many aspects of the issue into focus. Macroethnography, commonly referred to as ethnography, is usually based on a year or more of fieldwork. On the other hand, microethnography is a close-up study of a small social unit. It typically has a narrower focus and a shorter time frame than a macroethnography. Ethnographic research in translation or interpreting can focus on descriptions of routine practices. Given the holistic nature of ethnography, these descriptions would contextualize the study. Future ethnographic studies could focus on interpreters and translators roles in different organizational settings and on the use of technology.