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The teachers realised that children also could offer ideas about how to approach their investigations, as well as in making proposals related to local andwider environmental care, improvements andmanagement:

The children were very keen to communicate new learning to others – often voluntarily. They were enthusiastic about what they were learning and many went home and did further research which they enjoyed sharing with us back in school. [F/Yr2]

[They saw] development of their own personal geographies. They began to perceive the familiar locations of their environment in different ways. They became more critical and evaluative. [M/Yr2]

The children are very enthusiastic about their local environment and are keen to develop the project further to a national scale – looking at London. [F/Yr3]

[The children developed] empowerment and excitement about wind energy. They now see themselves as geographers. [F/R]

Being outside is essential to teaching – geography in particular; if you’re outside you’re automatically ‘hands on’. [F/FS]

They have enjoyed it so much especially putting their hands in the compost. They have started to recycle at home too. [F/Yr4]

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