chapter  10
Gender dynamics in the making and breaking of a female PETE culture in Sweden
BySuzanne Lundvall
Pages 17

This chapter explores the trajectory and traces how gender was constructed, acquired and enacted in and between male and female PE cultures. By using a gender perspective, the chapter explores continuities and discontinuities of a female PETE culture that was established and maintained for almost a century in Sweden. Furthermore, it examines whether the discontinuities led to a new gender order, a new doing of gender within the area of PETE and school PE. The chapter focuses on Swedish and international research studies, archival material such as curriculum documents, annual reports, biographical notes, newspaper articles and films. A constructivist approach to gender has been used as a theoretical framework. The gender is understood as a social construction where gender differences are both acquired and enacted and vary according to the social and gender order. The chapter reflects upon why PETE has not been able to provide a more capacious home for different dimensions within physical cultures.