chapter  3
Dancing in new directions
Transatlantic connections
ByPatricia Vertinsky
Pages 19

Ruth Foster appears over and over again in accounts of modern dance's role in the history of female physical education in England. The National Association of Organizers and Lecturers of Physical Education organized a course in 1955 on Dance: Its Contribution to the Life of Communities in which Ullmann participated. Audrey Bambra, newly appointed Principal of Chelsea College of Physical Education in 1958, was a dancer who had taught modern educational dance in schools and colleges, including at Leeds Training College where she met and was impressed with Ruth Foster in her role as HMI for Physical Education. The cast of characters involved in the long-term split between dance as art and dance as education thus included many leading female physical educators in a busy transatlantic traffic. At the same time, we need to acknowledge that there was a substantial transatlantic interchange among female physical educators teaching dance and movement education far beyond these activities.