chapter  4
Under the critical eye
An insider’s experience of the female tradition
ByMargaret Whitehead
Pages 13

The author sets out briefly the nature of her principal concerns in respect of physical education and physical activity and identifies her current area of study. He focuses on ways in which her career as a whole and the research in which she is now engaged would seem to have been influenced by my time at Bedford. In his current role of President of Bedford Physical Education Old Students' Association (BPEOSA) author daunted, but proud, to help to keep the family alive. Fletcher comments on the situation that while philosophy in relation to physical education bloomed in the 1960s, this was mainly carried out by men. While there is a range of reasons for this situation, it seemed to the author that the physical education profession could be doing much more to promote lifelong physical activity. The author can identify with comments made concerning the effect of a Bedford training under Margaret Stansfeld.