chapter  8
Transformation or accommodation?
The entry of women students into Carnegie
ByAnne Flintoff
Pages 19

This chapter examines the entry of women students into Carnegie in a book revisiting the history and development of women's physical education (PE). It explores something of both of these perspectives, through a focus on the process of transition to co-education of Carnegie, which began to accept women onto its courses from the early 1970s. It argues that while now the norm in England the process of transition from single sex to coeducational PE teacher education (PETE) was a hugely contested one. It also explores the implications of the processes of masculinisation with a specific focus on the struggles over gendered notions of what counts as useful' knowledge in PETE, and what co-education might mean for the pedagogical experiences of men and women, students and lecturers. The chapter concludes with some comments about contemporary challenges for gender equity in PE, particularly in light of the most recent changes introduced into teacher education in England.