chapter  10
Creating Hospitable Communities
Remembering the Emanuel 9 as We Foster a Culture of Humility and Debate
ByEd Lee, Ajay Nair
Pages 13

This chapter is written in honor of the parishioners of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church who came together on the night of June 17, 2015 in the name of self-reflection and deliberation only to have their hospitality to others result in the brutal massacre of nine members by Dylan Storm Roof. Hyper-personalization of social media creates norms and practices that chill self-reflection and debate and that leaves our biases unexposed. Meaningful debate over collective values is replaced by 140-character tweets and Facebook activism that only serves to confirm "friendship" via constant agreement and the incessant accumulation of "likes". Use of social media is increasingly a concern for teachers. Reports indicate that Roof found community on Facebook and other online social mediums. Cultural humility's interpersonal dimension, openness to egalitarian partnerships, is equally important for creating productive relationships and hospitable communities.