chapter  7
Crisis of the News: The Framing of the Euro Crisis and the ‘Greek Problem’
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The crisis in the media is undeniably linked to the crisis in society, thus producing a considerable challenge to European integration, the European institutions, the Eurozone and a common currency. This chapter deals with the representation of the Euro crisis in the news coverage since its emergence in 2008. The Euro crisis has had a huge impact on the global economy. In Europe, while there is no doubt that the populations of the hardest-hit countries – those of the South – have been suffering the most, northern countries are increasingly feeling its direct effects as well. For a majority of citizens the news media are the pre-eminent source of information on this complex matter. Not only do the mass media select the issues they report on, they also choose the ways in which to do so. Research into these mechanisms is relevant since issue coverage is bound to have a tangible effect on public opinion and public reactions to the responses of policy-makers. This chapter presents two newspaper coverage studies with differing scopes, methodologies and periods of analysis. The rst study identies the framing and metaphors in Euro-crisis coverage with an emphasis on North-Western Europe (i.e. the Low Countries), while the second study focuses on coverage of the Greek nancial crisis by international quality newspapers.