chapter  1
What Media Crisis? Normative Starting Points
Pages 17

This chapter interrogates the findings of a research project conducted in twenty-eight European countries, set out within the context of a broader reflection on why the media should promote gender equality in times of crisis and on a redefinition of the institutional role of the media in democratic societies. It revives the original meaning of the term 'crisis', and look at the nexus between media, crisis and gender in Europe today as a decisive moment in media transformation and a meaningful way of discussing institutional media crisis in its relation to democratic norms and values. The chapter aims to open up a space for thinking about the gender dimension of media institutions' crises and how improving gender equality can be seen as a means to overcoming multiple societal crises. Many contributions point to the need for the adoption of a gender-sensitive perspective to assess the impact of the on-going crisis on gender equity and enhancing women's rights and potential.