chapter  6
The World as Network and Tableau: Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days
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In his “critique of world literature,” Mariano Siskind (2010) opposes the “globalization of the novel,” or the world-wide expansion of the genre of the novel as part of the Western colonial enterprise, to what he calls the “novelization of the global,” that is, to the way novels produce images of the globalized world. In this contribution, I will take up Siskind’s interest in novelizing the global in order to raise a somewhat more restricted question; my interest is in the novelization not so much of the global but of the globe in the spatial sense. To this end, I will focus on the novelistic plot based on traveling around the world. This movement does not necessarily have to be circular, even though circumnavigation is the emblem of the novelized globe in this sense.