chapter  5
Strengths-Based Culture and Family
ByAnita Jones Thomas, Michael Massengale, Latifat O. Cabrirou
Pages 15

If one were to take a stroll through any amusement park in the United States on a sunny summer day, one would find families from all backgrounds with one goal, to have a fun and enjoyable time. For families with children, this includes creating lasting positive memories for the children; one would see smiles, laughter, and lots of picture taking and digital recordings, regardless of the cultural backgrounds of the families. This is the picture that is critical for mental health providers to bear in mind when working with families, especially diverse and/or marginalized families. We are defining a family as a set of two or more individuals, connected by blood or choice, who are defined by both internal and external boundaries, live by a set of rules (implicit and explicit) and shared norms, maintain a bond or emotional connection, operate according to roles and particular communication patterns, with the purpose of growth, connection, and intimacy.