chapter  13
Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Applying Strengths-Based Solutions in an Arena for Change
BySandra L. Kakacek
Pages 15

Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a primary strengths-based therapy, begun by social worker and family therapist Steve de Shazer and his partner, social worker Insoo Kim Berg, from the Milwaukee Brief Family Therapy Center. Solutions are created from the conversations between therapist and client, wherein the clinician asks the client for exceptions to his or her presenting issue-or problem-saturated stories and through a number of other techniques. The focus and purpose of the model is to seek change and is an empowering theoretical perspective that encompasses ascertaining helpful resources that clients have implemented from their working knowledge of life issues. SFBT is different from other models, such as problem-based models, in one major aspect: The goal is to help the client identify what has worked in the past, not by viewing the issue or problem from how it may have evolved, but rather by seeking exceptions to when the issue was not present. SFBT focuses on the present and future. What is also an important consideration of this strengths-based model is that it is evidence-based, thus making it a prime model accepted for treatments and insurance reimbursement (Franklin, Trepper, McCollum, & Gingerich, 2011).