chapter  14
Positive Psychology in Counseling: Integrating Sport as a Framework for Performance Enhancement
ByTeresa B. Fletcher, Susan Hurley
Pages 20

Counseling is hard work. Helping professionals, by the very nature of their work, are consistently surrounded by individuals experiencing discomfort, stress, and trauma and who need us to be at our best to offer support, encouragement, relief, and the necessary insight and skills to overcome a wide array of obstacles. We strive to provide unconditional positive regard, validation, hope, and oftentimes humor, perspective, and wisdom. We incorporate creativity and finesse in developing and delivering treatment strategies for each client in the most effective way in order to have the greatest impact for change. Helping professionals have a responsibility to be at their best for every client, every session, every day, which can take a toll on our own quest for balance and well-being. As a gymnast uses core strength to provide balance for difficult skills, a counselor uses positive psychology as a core value to achieve balance in the profession and happiness in life.