chapter  20
Strengths-Based Supervision: Experiences of Supervisors and Supervisees
ByMary Nichter, Reade Dowda
Pages 18

In this chapter, we present our perception of strengths-based supervision, discuss how strengthsbased supervision is influenced by positive psychology, and consider what strengths-based supervision looks like as we move from theory to practice. We investigate the shift in thinking from a deficient model to a strengths-based model of supervision as the focus of and expectations in a supervision course. Specifically, we discuss how a doctoral supervision course in a counselor education program following Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) standards incorporates a strengths-based supervision focus. Included in the chapter are experiences of doctoral students working from a strengths-based model providing supervision to master’s level practicum students. In addition, perceptions of master’s level practicum students as supervisees who are receiving strengths-based supervision are presented. We close this chapter with guidelines for conducting a strengths-based supervision session and a strengths-based record and reflection form for documenting the session.