chapter  5
Regional cooperation in education in ASEAN and East Asia: Past, present and future
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This chapter is devoted to informing on cooperation in higher education in the Southeast Asian and the wider East Asian regions which have been implemented and are being implemented and planned under the ASEAN and the ASEAN Plus Three (China, Republic of Korea and Japan) collaborative frameworks, as well as under the wider East Asia Summit (EAS) framework which includes Australia, New Zealand and India (ASEAN Secretariat 2005a) and the US and Russia (ASEAN+3+3+2 or ASEAN+8) (ASEAN Secretariat 2011). It is to be noted that, while there have been and there are bilateral and multilateral cooperation programmes and activities in education being implemented under other cooperation platforms or mechanisms between countries in Southeast Asia and the wider East Asia, the cooperation programmes and activities described here are essentially confined to those which are and will be implemented under the collaborative frameworks initiated by ASEAN at the time of writing this chapter.