chapter  5
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Creature of water

ByAndrew Francis

Like a fi sh rising to the surface, slowly I drift to awareness. I have slept on the beach, in a sandy nest beneath the saltbush. My eyes are still closed as I open almost awakened ears and body to the world around me. Th e voice of the sea insinuates itself into my conscious and unconscious psyche, penetrating my mind completely. Th e breathing of Tiamat, the sea, becomes my own. Th roughout the star-fi lled darkness, the rising and setting of a sickle moon, close to the dying embers, She has spoken to me. I am attuned and in Her soul embrace. Slowly, eyes still closed, I breathe my morning prayer:

Rise and fall gentle tide, Moon and Sun, your fates entwined. From light to dark and back again, I thank Th ee Gracious Goddess for all your bountiful gift s.