chapter  4
Wittgenstein on Following a Rule John McDowell
Pages 36

This chapter presents a characterization of rules and rule-following, and shows how central they are in one's everyday thought about themselves. It also presents the skeptical challenge, drawing heavily on Saul Kripke's work. The skeptical challenge to rules is best presented as a challenge to identify anything that could simultaneously satisfy the objective and subjective elements in the definition of a rule. The chapter provides a response to the challenge, outlining a non-skeptical conception of rules and rule-following. It explains three corollaries of the response. A first corollary is described as the precariousness of rule-following. A second corollary is not only a rule-following precarious, but also in a certain sense interactive. A third corollary, besides the precariousness of rule-following and its interactive character, is the relativity of rules. The chapter explores the response, showing how the non-skeptical conception can be extended to encompass public as well as private rules.