chapter  5
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Will the centre hold?: Germany, Ireland and Slovakia and the crisis of the European project


The current Hungarian governmental policy has been varyingly evaluated with respect to the country's economic situation and its EU-conformity. Hungary has been struggling with its public debt, largely because the discussions over future EU governance have stressed that if a country faces severe financial problems, the EU authorities will have the right to intervene in its national economic policy. As a sign of macroeconomic shortcomings, deteriorating competitiveness reflects not only an ailing innovation performance but also anomalies in the process of catching up to the EU average in terms of GDP per capita. The Hungarian public sector should be toujours l'afft for more innovation, not only in supporting its citizens' trust and confidence, but also to have on-the-ground-reality for euro adoption. Although Hungary should have better performance in terms of innovation, there is a substantial gap between the innovation sub index and the governance closeness index.