chapter  10
Game localization
A critical overview and implications for audiovisual translation
ByMinako O’Hagan
Pages 15

This chapter examines game localization as a relatively new practice and research domain in relation to audiovisual translation. It provides an overview of game localization as a practice and a concept. The chapter outlines the historical development of game localization practices, followed by a description of their key features. It also examines various game localization research methodologies, most of which remain under-developed. The chapter focuses on the impact of technological advances, against the background of the broader technologization of translation, as a meaningful anchor point to frame game localization. It aims to the terms 'video games' and 'digital games' are used interchangeably. The decision-making process concerning game localization reflects these industry structures and the hierarchy of the key actors. Game localization practices are ultimately shaped by the business interests of the game industry, and the degree of discretion bestowed on the localizers will depend on corporate interests.