chapter  19
Gender in audiovisual translation studies
Advocating for gender awareness
ByLuise von Flotow, Daniel E. Josephy-Hernández
Pages 16

This chapter focuses on gender and audiovisual translation (AVT). It begins with an overview of those feminist ideas that entered translation studies from the 1980s onward, and helped develop this new interdiscipline. While feminist theory and criticism first addressed the study of literary translations, a focus that continues to drive research in the field, the application of gender-focused theories to AVT studies has been developing only since the early 2000s. Feminist theorization and activism are the precursors to gender studies. A substantial amount of research ground remains to be charted at the interface between gender studies and AVT. Gender criticism entered film studies in the 1970s through feminist analyses of mainstream narrative film. The different approaches to gender awareness in the industrial and commercial aspects of dubbing, subtitling and broadcasting of translated audiovisual products also deserve more attention.