chapter  30
Audiovisual translation in language teaching and learning
ByLaura Incalcaterra McLoughlin
Pages 15

This chapter explores the use of audiovisual translation (AVT) in the field of language teaching and learning, focusing particularly on classroom and teacher-mediated environments where AVT tasks are performed by learners. It begins with a historical overview of the use of AVT in the language classroom and discusses the most relevant and recent contributions in this area, highlighting key research methods and scholarly research themes. The chapter discusses how technological developments and the availability of free resources are impacting on this area of research. It explores the benefits of presenting language students with subtitled video material, and experimenting with different subtitle types: standard, bimodal and reversed. The chapter focuses on recent qualitative and quantitative studies involving the completion of active AVT tasks by learners, where AVT tasks and any other necessary preparatory activities are performed by students. It concludes with indications for future directions and suggestions for further debate.