chapter  6
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I’ve got a rock ‘n’ roll heart: reflections of a musician-analyst

ByHeather Ferguson

Rhythmicity shapes us – from our mother’s heartbeat to our inner pulse, from our earliest interactions as infants to the sophisticated give and take of adult conversation. Recently, contemporary analysts have taken up the project of embodied communication, the implicit register, and how co-rhythmicity, synchronous and dyssynchronous interactions, communicate and inform the analytic exchange – the relational flow (Black, 2016; Ipp, 2016; Knoblauch, 2000, 2011, 2015; Lachmann, 2001; Nebbiosi, 2016; Nebbiosi & Federici-Nebbiosi, 2008; Orfanos, 2016; Sapen, 2012; Shapiro et al., 2016). As Nebbiosi and Federici-Nebbiosi (2008) write, “rhythm is the element with which our body is in relation with the process” (p. 232).