chapter  6
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Investigating the impact of inquiry-based instruction on students’ science learning in Taiwan

WithHsiao-Lin Tuan, Chi-Chin Chin

The purposes of this chapter are to outline recent science curriculum reforms and the school context in Taiwan and how science inquiry is addressed in curricular goals and classroom settings. This chapter will also introduce the outcomes of inquiry-based instruction research in Taiwan over the last 20 years. The methodologies of the studies ranged from teacher-based action research, case studies, and mixed qualitative and quantitative research designs. The studies addressed in this chapter reveal learning outcomes of inquiry-based instruction related to the aspects of students’ motivation regarding science learning, inquiry competency, science achievement, attitude, creativity, argumentation, and problem-solving ability. The results of empirical studies conducted in the last two decades in Taiwan have provided evidence for the science education community to promote inquiry-based science instruction at both elementary and secondary level. Finally, we also consider the possible influences of inquiry-based instruction in the future science curriculum and its role in the reform of science education in Taiwan.