chapter  7
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Teaching values and life skills using reversed analogies in school science

WithKok Siang Tan

School students often work hard to do well in science examinations with the hope of securing a good career in the future. This results in most school science curricula focusing on the cognitive and psychomotor learning domains. However, with schools introducing 21st century competencies and character education, interest in the affective learning domain has been building. The Singapore school science curriculum has also been actively emphasising the holistic development of students in the various learning domains. This chapter shares the collaborative efforts of three school science teachers (one primary and two secondary) and the author, a science teacher educator, to develop a cognitive-affective integrative pedagogy. The strategy is to use the science concept (as the analogue) to illustrate an appropriately identified social value or life skill (the target). The aim is to help students become more aware of positive social values and effective life skills while learning a science concept during a typical school science lesson.