chapter  13
The Sino-Myanmar Border
ByBrendan Whyte
Pages 14

Brendan Whyte China’s 1,367 mile (2,200 km) boundary with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (before 1989 called Burma) falls geographically and historically into two sections.1 The two sections meet at a 10,528 foot (3,209 meter) mountain peak situated at 98° 9ƍ 18Ǝ east and 25° 32ƍ 46Ǝ north, and called, in all the various boundary treaties, the “high conical peak” (ው㜞ጊ, pronounced jiƗngƗoshƗn in Mandarin), but also known as Mulang, or Manang, Pum (ᧁᶉಲ, pronounced mùlàngtnj in Mandarin).