chapter  1
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Revisiting Organization–Public Relationship Research for the Past Decade: Theoretical Concepts, Measures, Methodologies, and Challenges

ByYi-Hui Christine Huang & Yin Zhang

The study of OPR has continued to attract considerable attention in the field of public relations over the past two decades. Heath (2001) overviewed twelve articles that serve to define the discipline of public relations in his edited book, Handbook of Public Relations, and he entitled its opening chapters “Shifting Foundations: Public Relations as Relationship Building,” thereby acknowledging the importance of OPR. Pasadeos, Berger, and Renfro (2010) conducted a total of about 15,000 citation analyses on public relations research between 2000 and 2005, and they concluded that relationship management has emerged as an important new area of research. In a similar vein, Ki and Shin (2006) content-analyzed thirty-eight articles written between 1985 and 2004 and they also emphasized this increasing trend in OPR research.