chapter  7
17 Pages

Cabin ecologies

The technoscience of integrated urban infrastructure
WithSimon Marvin, Mike Hodson

This chapter explores the production, dissemination, testing and deployment of integrated urban infrastructure technoscience, and the ways in which the boundaries between the interior and exterior environments are being selectively but significantly redrawn. It provides an overview of the wider technoscientific contexts within which cabin ecologies were developed, to illustrate the ambition, scale and scope of the international effort to build enclosed ecologies. The chapter identifies the key features of the technoscience of integrated infrastructure that provides the basis for the technologies and practices of integration across infrastructure in engineering, design, architecture and urbanism. It explores the emergence of the new science of biospherics and the experimental spaces created to develop enclosed ecologies. The chapter examines the ways in which the concept of cabin ecologies is being applied to cities more widely to build enclosed life support systems on earth.