chapter  3
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Born to be famous?

Children of celebrities and their rights in the media
ByAna Jorge, Lidia Marôpo

This chapter discusses the media visibility of children of celebrities from a critical perspective, drawing on the fields of celebrity studies, children's rights and journalism. It takes an international point of view, comparing global cases which are mostly of Anglo-Saxon origin. The chapter describes the representation of children of celebrities in global media, trying to understand the cultural factors that lie behind the interest for news and especially images of this group of children. In 2010, Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo announced through his Facebook and Twitter accounts that he had a son by a woman who was to remain anonymous and unknown, which resulted in media buzz. Model Miranda Kerr presented her new-born son to the world through Twitter and Instagram, while breastfeeding at home, in a picture taken by her then-husband, actor Orlando Bloom. Stories like these and others make visible public topics usually seen as being part of the private domain, without a political framing.