chapter  9
Picturing adventure
Popular fiction, illustration, and the British Empire, 1875–1914
ByRalph Crane, Lisa Fletcher
Pages 21

This chapter turns to one genre that reached its apotheosis in the period known as British high imperialism the juvenile adventure novelto argue that the making of British popular literary culture was not solely a textual enterprise, and that our view of this genre's history is distorted to the extent that we ignore its visual elements. David Glover writes of the transformation of publishing in the period between 1880 and 1914 and its impact upon popular literature in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, particularly through the inception of the modern system of genre fiction'. The chapter focuses on a selection of illustrations from three juvenile adventure novels set in India: G. A. Henty's With Clive in India; or, The Beginnings of an Empire, illustrated by Gordon Browne George Manville Fenn's Gil the Gunner; illustrated by W. H. Overend and Frederick P Gibbon's The Disputed V. C: A Tale of the Indian Mutiny, illustrated by Stanley L. Wood.