chapter  2
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Identifying needs and opportunities for academic development


This chapter helps academic developers to plan, monitor and evaluate their work in a range of ways, in order to provide accurate and usable evidence of effectiveness and added value. It explores some relations between evaluation and research. A valuable contribution developers can make to their institution is to help the institution to clarify intended outcomes, at scales and levels from local to institutional, and then evaluate their attainment. The developer as evaluator perhaps becomes at least in part an evaluation consultant, embedding their work and their ethos and then moving on to fresh challenges. Developers need to ask difficult questions about what it is that we are evaluating as a start to taking a more consistent and scholarly approach to investigating our own work and to creating an improved discourse of evaluation. Luation is or can be similarly a political act. Self-evaluation, with some degree of external moderation, is a powerful learning tool, just as is self-assessment for students.