chapter  4
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Supporting continuing professional development (CPD) for lecturers


This chapter explores the nature and purposes of academic development, and relates this exploration to an analysis of what, how and for whom research in academic development has been and is undertaken. In placing ourselves in the academy as practitioners and scholars, several big questions have perplexed academic development researchers. The breadth of academic developers' prior disciplinary experiences and expertise means that both our practice and research will manifest in divergent ways. HERD is the learned journal of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA). Practice in the field has shifted from a focus on teaching and the individual academic to a focus on learning and students, and more recently to communities of academics and institution and sector-wide education concerns and agendas. Academic developers need to balance the expectations of these different audiences academics and managers and find the right language to meet the needs of both without buying into managerialist language.