chapter  5
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Consultancy in academic development


This chapter explores five models grass roots, Faculty-led, strategic, community building and research-based model. The grass roots model is an individual-focused approach. The academic development unit (ADU) alone or in partnership with faculties, offers one-off workshops, provides ad hoc resources, and holds one-on-one consultations. The engagement and motivation of the individual contact person in a Faculty, as well as their seniority and perceived credibility, can make a huge difference to the level of engagement. Strategic model sees the ADU as a key player in the development as well as the implementation of teaching-related policy. Community building model may emerge from a grass roots model, but has the potential for greater impact and culture change than a purely individual targeted approach. Research-based model draws strength from avoiding the binary opposition of teaching and research that is often presented as a tension both for the individual faculty member and in the way university policy is perceived.