chapter  6
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Coaching and mentoring in academic development


The project is a piece of work with defined goals, process, start and end points has long been an essential item in the academic developer's toolkit. The role and status of educational development projects has changed over the years in different ways in different countries to reflect the broader social and economic context of higher and further education. This chapter explains seven case study on the 3E framework enhance, extend, empower from edinburgh napier university; University of the Arts London (UAL) VLE review and implementation project; the Gwenna Moss Centre For Teaching Effectiveness (GMCTE) at the university of saskatchewan; the camel project and the use of critical friends: developing communities of practice within and between projects; ensuring meaningful student engagement: the development of students as change agents and co-workers; minimising project paperwork and bureaucracy: the two-sides-of-the page' approach from the Bradford project on inclusivity; the bayview alliance (BVA).