chapter  7
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Supporting part-time teachers and contract faculty


This chapter explains theoretical frameworks of key issues faced by leaders of academic development units (ADUs). Academic development units are configured in many ways, with contrasting remits, varied institutional locations, and different reporting structures. While few people have the luxury of designing an ADU from scratch, it is common to have to review and adapt a unit to new demands, often linked to changes in learning and teaching practices. The chapter provides a case study on using POD's ethical guidelines to shape the mission of an ADU and how it is led; embedding learning technologies with a focus on pedagogy; candid conversations; collaborative working to ensure quality assurance levers lead to academic development; using a whole-university conference to address issues around changing assessment patterns to improve student continuation. The chapter demonstrates some of the critical skills required and the attention we believe that should be placed on dialogue that recognises the particular location of academic development work in the academy.