chapter  14
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Covering Public Affairs

The Arena of the Newsmagazines
WithIsabel Soares

This chapter aims to circumscribe public affairs as portrayed by newsmagazines by conducting a qualitative meta-analysis of scholarly research on newsmagazine coverage of public affairs over the decades since 1990. An important caveat relates to the decision to limit research to English keywords, best exemplified by the word newsmagazines. Racial issues in electoral campaigns were analyzed to determine whether there was a relationship between candidates’ origins and newsmagazines’ coverage of their campaigns. Newsmagazines have kept pace with modernity in the on-line era. Among the media, newsmagazines are for the public at large important complements to newspaper, broadcast and Internet sources of information on the public affairs. In order to understand better which public affairs matter to newsmagazines in the coverage of risk-related issues, scholars most often used qualitative methodologies, and such methodological choices are usually stated in the articles’ abstracts.