chapter  15
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Business Journalism in Magazines

Wrestling with Economic Issues
WithDane S. Claussen

This chapter discusses scholarly journal articles, relevant high-quality books by professors and journalists and carefully chosen articles from both the best newspapers and professional journalism magazines. Theories driving scholarly research are noted when studies were disseminated through scholarly communication journals or conferences or published by communication scholars in other disciplines’ journals. The most critical question about magazine coverage of business, financial and economic news is whether magazines that should be getting the major stories are covering them and doing it well. Magazines, newspapers and television have for decades provided consumers with news and information about personal and family finances, covering everything from credit card interest rates to saving for their children’s college education to shopping for airfares. Sherianne Shuler’s 2003 feminist theory study used rhetorical analysis to document how Fortune magazine perpetuated familiar stereotypes of women in organizations even while ostensibly showing the glass ceiling being shattered.