chapter  18
23 Pages

Magazines and Popular Culture

Exceptional People, an Exceptional Medium
WithElizabeth Crisp Crawford

This chapter reviews the scholarly literature on magazine coverage and creation of celebrity and popular culture within the framework of exceptionalism. It explores the concepts of exceptionalism, magazines, celebrity culture, and symbolic and cultural capital, and also reviews the research literature thematically. The magazine cover is, for the celebrity, the most desirable spot, giving the celebrity more enduring visual prominence than television, the Internet or newspapers can provide. As the magazines through which celebrity images and gossip proliferate become more central to the popularity and social function of popular forms of the medium, the exceptional nature of the magazine and the celebrity become more interconnected. Daniel J. Boorstin argues that stakeholders who cultivate celebrity, such as public relations professionals or press secretaries and other marketing professionals, promote an individual’s exceptional quality to an interested audience. The stories of celebrity success and notoriety reinforce the accepted standards for ethics and morality.