chapter  1
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Theory and Methods of Analysis

Models for Understanding Magazines
WithCarolyn Kitch

This chapter considers how differing beliefs have affected the shape of magazine scholarship by briefly discussing the broader theories at hand and then noting how magazine scholars have been used in research. It offers some thoughts on the implications of theory for the possible future of magazine scholarship, especially in light of challenges facing the journalism industries. Magazines are studied as culture in at least three overlapping ways: as a cultural form in their own right; as an expression of the ideals of the surrounding culture; and as a statement about cultural identity. Richard Popp’s study of magazines’ role in the creation of travel marketing similarly uses business archives to provide evidence for a cultural argument. Anna Gough-Yates analyzes trade-press characterizations of the editorial and marketing strategies of women’s magazines, especially with regard to their ideas about how to sell to a professional "new woman".