chapter  25
21 Pages

Photography and Illustration

The Power and Promise of the Image
WithBerkley Hudson, Elizabeth A. Lance

This chapter focuses on scholarship about underlying principles of visual communication and on some studies, including those about the Web and how images are delivered when integrated with text on-line. It suggests by reference the pathways in academy-magazine industry relations: how scholars could help magazines and their creators, producers and consumers and how magazines could help scholars who study issues surrounding creation, production and consumption. Race and ethnicity scholars have centered on images created as early as the Civil War in the United States and as recently as the late twentieth and early twenty-first century wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The chapter summarizes a few key studies in which scholars analyzed women as depicted in advertising and on magazine covers, or as photographers or editors working to produce images. The flexibility of magazines has yielded an unmatched degree of illustrative expansiveness through the use of photography and illustration.