chapter  28
17 Pages

Teaching Magazine Writing

The Long- and Short-Form of It
WithKim Martin Long

This chapter provides resources for writing journalism, specifically magazine journalism. It introduces some valuable resources for writing magazine journalism in these various forms and to recommend some areas in which future research should focus. The rapid pace of change in the magazine world suggests a need for scholarly attention to the moving target—to assess the impacts of the cross-platform approach on the subject, the writer and the reader. David Sumner and Holly Miller’s Feature and Magazine Writing is among the most widely used by journalism instructors, according to a brief examination of course syllabi. Books abound with advice and instruction on how to write journalism—news or features, short or long form—so one wonders how new ones could possibly be justified. Finding a working theory or operational definition of long form is difficult, but most sources indicate long-form writing is that which deals with a subject in an extended and fully developed way.