chapter  29
12 Pages

Teaching Magazine Editing

Part Art, Part Science, All Craft
WithBill Reynolds

This chapter explores some contributions to the body of knowledge about teaching both the editing craft and larger editing management skills but attempts to explore, briefly, how standards of craft might be maintained in an era of steep declines in display advertising revenues and significant reductions in circulation numbers. In late 2010, Alexis C. Madrigal, senior editor at the Atlantic magazine, posted on his blog a document titled, “The 12 Timeless Rules for Making a Good Publication.” Magazines are around and the advice still applies, so far as it goes, but the readers—the audience—have fragmented because of the proliferation of choice on the Web. Magazine editing, usually the most rigorous of the group, has its own set of rules and principles that govern structure, itself an art form that requires some discussion. J. William Click and Russell N. Baird want the reader to understand the complex relation between words and art on the magazine page.