chapter  30
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Teaching Magazine Research

Explicating Theory and Methods
WithCarolyn Ringer Lepre

This chapter seeks to examine the curricular trends in mass communication graduate education and how the magazine scholar fits into the larger picture. Research on magazines and magazine journalism education being published in top journalism and mass communication journals is limited. The chapter examines the literature on journalism and mass communication research trends, which encompasses research done on the magazine form. Some may view studying magazine journalism as strongly pre-professional, much like public relations. Triangulation of methods might mean combining a magazine content analysis with survey data from the magazine’s audience and interviews or observations of the magazine’s editors and writers. Through an examination of trends in theory and research and a discussion of educational trends, suggestions are made for what students need to learn to be productive researchers on the magazine form. The history of the field shows that sociology is the parent of journalism and mass communication research in terms of perspective, theory and methodology.