chapter  31
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Magazines and Sustainability

Environmental and Sociocultural Impacts
WithHelen Kopnina

This chapter provides insights into the body of scholarly literature on the question of magazines and sustainability—in both production and editorial content. It discusses production-side issues related to business decision-making and policy, as well as editorial-side considerations within publishing organizations. The chapter identifies a number of important effects of new magazine production and issues of sustainability with a primary focus on reviewing the emerging body of scholarly literature that relates to the question. Digital technologies and products such as e-magazines are essential to the measurement, modeling and communication of environmental processes, while also having a major role in improving the productivity of capital and natural resources. The blog post question reflects on the complexity of choice that sustainability-minded consumers ponder in relation to the transition from printed to digital media. The chapter suggests research that exists, as well as that which is needed to build the bridges between what is known and what is not.