chapter  5
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Source and Citation Analysis

An Epistemology of Magazine Research
WithDominic L. Lasorsa

This chapter reviews the scholarly literature on the study of magazine and journal sources and aims to develop four principal themes: attribution patterns, sourcing practices, model studies and promising future research. It considers issues raised about the magazine sourcing practices in the new media landscape, from which may also emerge heretofore unrealized thematic areas of research. More media-savvy professionals, however, may desire to have greater control over the information that becomes public. Besides negotiating whether and how information can be used, sources and journalists sometimes engage in post-interview practices that also influence magazine content. Compared to research on other major media such as newspapers and television, research on magazines has in the past been less abundant, and research about magazine editing practices, including sourcing practices, has been particularly scarce. In order to advance the study of magazine sourcing, in particular, magazine scholars should work on theoretically interesting ways to categorize sources.