chapter  8
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International Magazine Publishing

The Transformative Power of Globalization
WithLeara D. Rhodes

This chapter describes scholarship on international magazine publishing from 1990 to the present. International magazine and journal periodical publishing has a long history: At the most basic level are magazines published in the home country, that is, indigenous periodicals that are international to other nations. Studies used variations of hybridity theory to explain how local magazines adapt content to compete with international magazines that enter their markets. Research on cross-national advertising in magazines is the fastest growing and most prolific area of research on international magazines. Much of the research identified for this review focuses on both women’s magazines in Asia and the effects of localization versus standardization strategies. The emphasis on globalization in many of the studies of international magazines suggests that other studies might build on David Machin’s study of Getty images and Patrick Roessler’s tracking of design migration across international borders.