chapter  3
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Observations on Karl and Charlotte Bühler’s perspective of development


In her reconstruction of the concept of development in life sciences, Vanessa Lux (Chapter 3, this volume) identifies a notorious gap between the conceptualization and study of the individual level of development-ontogenesis-and the population level of development-phylogenesis. As the concept of development in psychology has its roots in the field of biology, the author traces a matching theoretical discrepancy back in the history of developmental psychology. Here, too, Lux differentiates an initial embryological notion of development-individualbased-from a later epidemiological-population-based-concept. Following this distinction, however, Lux’s position about the psychological theories of development discussed remains vague. Ultimately, her reflections on epigenetics and neurobiology suggests that an integration of both perspectives into a unitary, comprehensive concept of development would be a desirable scientific progressyet it is not specified why this would be beneficial beyond data integration.