chapter  6
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Socially acceptable management and innovative practices would concurrently achieve sustainable environment through eco-innovation as the primary objectives. Ecoinnovation is a part of the CSR activity to magnetize the customers to realize the positive performance. It should not surprise us to find Malaysia, India and other East Asian states among the strongest supporters of initiatives to keep environmental standards, among others, out of international trade agreements (Mol 2003). An interesting note from Ooi et al. (2012) points out about the ‘Ranking of the World’s Most Innovative Countries’. China ranked 54, India is positioned at 56, Thailand ranked 58 and Indonesia ranked 74. It is very clear that India has to make enormous effort to increase its innovation potential. On aggregation, India is the fourth largest consumer of resources and the largest ecological destructor among those countries surveyed (Selles 2013). Indian manufacturing sector managers have to focus more on sustainable practices in future to survive.